Dennis Okemwa

Threat Analyst | RUSI Consultant


Dennis Okemwa is a security analyst with extensive experience covering East Africa and the Horn. He has a strong background in data management and analysis, having played key roles in setting up and managing innovative data collection systems for RUSI projects addressing insecurity in the region.

Consulting with RUSI since October 2019, Dennis currently manages the context monitoring component of the UK CSSF Borderlands project ‘Deris Wanaag’, an initiative which integrates security, development and peacebuilding approaches to reduce violence along the borders of Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Prior to this, he was instrumental in establishing violence tracking for the UK-funded REINVENT programme.

Before joining RUSI, Dennis gained valuable experience working with risk management and security firms in East Africa, where he developed a deep understanding of the political, social, and economic dynamics of the region. His work has spanned multiple countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Kenyatta University (Nairobi), Dennis combines his academic background with technical expertise to identify patterns, trends, and potential threats using data-driven approaches. He is passionate about leveraging data to enhance projects’ understanding of prevailing threats and to support evidence-based policymaking initiatives.

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