Dr Jason R. C. Nurse

Associate Fellow; Associate Professor in Cyber Security, University of Kent


Dr Jason Nurse is an Associate Professor in Cyber Security at the University of Kent and a core member of the Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security (KirCCS) and newly established Institute of Advance Studies in Cyber Security and Conflict (SoCyETAL). He is also a Visiting Academic at the University of Oxford, a Visiting Fellow in Defence and Security at Cranfield University, and a Professional Member of the British Computing Society.

Jason’s expertise is in investigating interdisciplinary approaches to enhance and maintain cyber security for organisations, governments and individuals. This incorporates topics such as Cyber resilience, Cyber insurance, Cyber security culture and awareness, Security and Privacy of Internet-of-Things platforms and environments, and Cybercrime prevention and detection (specialising in psychological aspects and human factors).

Within Dr Nurse’s work, he also explores topical online issues spanning online hacktivism, online extremism and radical groups, and the propagation of disinformation and misinformation online. This research often is grounded in computational social science, and therefore the application and use of machine learning approaches.

Prior to joining Kent in 2018, Jason was a Research Fellow in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford (2011-2018) and Research Fellow in Psychology at the University of Warwick (2011-2013). For his research into the interdisciplinary aspects of Cyber, Dr Nurse was nominated as a Rising Star within the UK’s EPSRC RISE Awards Campaign.

Jason holds a PhD from the University of Warwick in cyber security for organisations, an MSc (Dist.) from the University of Hull and a BSc (First) from the University of the West Indies.

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