Chamin Herath

Former Research Analyst


Chamin was a Research Analyst in cyber threats and cyber security before leaving RUSI at the end of August 2022. His research interests include foreign and UK cyber policy, emerging technology and the development of smart cities, cyber psychology, and the use of the internet by violent extremists.

Prior to joining RUSI, he worked as a Research Assistant for the University of Sussex on projects mapping the online ecosystem of two Far-right political parties and exploring the spread of Covid-19 misinformation by Far-right networks on Twitter.

Chamin holds an MA in Cyber Crime and Terrorism from Swansea University where he studied domestic and international responses to cyber crime, cyber crime control strategies and the regulation of online harms, such as violent extremist content on social media. He achieved a distinction overall, as well as in his dissertation which examined the dynamic between the online and offline behaviours of Islamic State terrorists in the United States. He also holds a BSc in Criminology and Psychology.