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A scholar and author focusing on politics, religion, and security studies in the West and the Arab world, Professor H.A. Hellyer is a nonresident Senior Fellow at the RH Centre for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council in DC and Associate Fellow in International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London. He was also appointed Professor at the Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and leads the Religion and Human Rights project at the Atlantic Council, supported by the Carnegie Foundation in New York. His insights on current events in the Arab World, Europe, and Muslim communities worldwide are regularly sought by the international media networks such as CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera, with several hundred op-eds for publications like the Washington Post, Foreign Policy, the New York Times, the Guardian, Mada Masr, the Globe and Mail, the National, al-Jazeera and Daily News Egypt.

Prior to joining the Council, Professor Hellyer was a nonresident Fellow at the Centre for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in DC and Research Associate at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University.  He also served as the first Arab world-based Senior Practice Consultant at the Gallup Organisation, where he analysed public opinion data in a variety of countries in the Arab world and the West. During his tenure at the University of Warwick (UK) as Fellow & then Senior Research Fellow, he was appointed as Deputy Convenor of the UK Government’s Taskforce for the 2005 London bombings, and served as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s first Economic and Social Research Council Fellow as part of the ‘Islam’ & ‘Counter-Terrorism’ teams.

Alongside his analytical career, Professor Hellyer has had academic attachments at noted institutions including the University of Warwick, the American University in Cairo, and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies of the University of Oxford, where he authored several books and monographs & has contributed more than 25 book chapters and journal articles to various presses. Recent books and monographs include “Muslims of Europe: the ‘Other’ Europeans” for Edinburgh University Press, “Engagement with the Muslim Community & Counter-Terrorism: British Lessons for the West” for Brookings Institution Press and A Revolution Undone: Egypt’s Road Beyond Revolt for Oxford University Press and Hurst & Company. His next book, “A Sublime Path”, is to be released in 2018, co-written with two of the most noted students of a 20th century polymath, Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki of Makka.

Professor Hellyer’s degree in law was read at the University of Sheffield School of Law, with an advanced degree in international political economy at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Politics. He completed a multidisciplinary PhD at the University of Warwick as an Economic and Social Research Council scholar, and researched Islamic thought with traditionally trained specialists in the UK, Egypt, Malaysia and South Africa.

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Egypt, International Security Studies, Global Security Issues, Middle East and North Africa Arab world, Government and International Affairs, Security

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