Andrew Cainey

Senior Associate Fellow; Founding Director of the UK National Committee on China


Andrew Cainey has lived and worked for most of the past twenty-five years in China, Korea and Singapore advising businesses and governments, having first visited China in 1981. His particular areas of focus relate to China’s development, its growing role and influence across Asia and globally and the intersection of economic prosperity, technology and national security. He is the co-author of Xiconomics: What China’s Dual Circulation Strategy Means for Global Business (Agenda Publishing, 2023)

He is also a founding director of the UK National Committee on China, an educational non-profit; a non-executive director of Schroder Asian Total Return Investment Company plc; and a Senior Advisor to Lumen Capital Investors in Singapore.

Mr Cainey was previously the managing partner of Booz & Company’s Greater China consulting operations; the partner leading the Rt Hon Tony Blair’s Asian government advisory practice; and the partner in charge of Boston Consulting Group’s Asian financial institutions practice.

He has also been a Senior Fellow with Fung Global Institute in Hong Kong; an Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s Asia-Pacific Programme; a Senior Fellow in the Security and Crisis Management Programme (International Centre) at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; and a Policy Advisor in the Conservative Party’s Policy Unit. Mr Cainey has a First Class MA (Hons) in Economics from Clare College, Cambridge and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Kennedy Scholar.

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