Vito Armonavicius

Associate Fellow - Expert in anti-money laundering and financial crime


Vito Armonavicius is a multilingual certified anti-money laundering and financial crime specialist with over eleven years of experience in the anti-financial crime field.

He has held a number of roles across money service business, retail and corporate banking and fintech industries in the UK and abroad where he had exposure to anti-financial crime advisory, risk management, financial intelligence and investigations, sanctions compliance and AML & KYC operations. He worked at Barclays and Western Union and is currently Head of Complex Investigations at Revolut.

Vito is a specialist in risk management, open source and social media intelligence gathering, various investigative techniques, data analysis and investigative reporting with a keen interest in cyberpsychology, terrorist and extremist financing, and the intersection between money laundering and cyber analytics.

He is the author of an article called Psychoanalytic Approach to Lone-Wolf Terrorist Financing Investigations, which has been published by ACAMS Today; and has lectured at Lithuania's Mykolas Romeris University and Centre of Excellence in Anti-Money Laundering’s certification programme, covering the topic of Terrorism and Terrorist Financing. Vito has been a regular presenter for RUSI Europe’s Project CRAAFT covering case studies on right-wing extremist financing.

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