Luck and limitations

Featured in ABC Australia



Tom Keatinge says that "in response to sanctions, the narrative from the Kremlin focuses on two main messages. The first is that the Russian economy is resilient and well-prepared for Western sanctions. Second, the Kremlin focuses on the belligerence and provocation of Western countries in imposing sanctions and their desire to halt the Russian economy at all costs, with Putin describing the sanctions against Russia as ‘akin to an act of war’. However, many are 'fearful of the long-term economic impact of sanctions, as industries with a reliance on Western products suffer and the rate of Western production cannot be replicated domestically'. The ability of the economy to sustain itself through its reliance on oil and natural gas revenues is also a very real fear among ordinary citizens'. He argues that we need to stay the course with sanctions until 'the economic reality in Russia. undermines the Kremlin’s post-truth narrative."