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Turkey Operation Creates Headaches For NATO

In The News, 16 October 2019
Modern Deterrence
"On balance it's still better to have Turkey as a nominal ally than as a potential adversary, probably teaming up with Russia -- that's the unpalatable situation that NATO finds itself in now," Elisabeth Braw, a senior research fellow at the RUSI think tank in London, told AFP. As a military alliance with a clear mission -- the defence of its members' territory -- rather than a political project like the EU, NATO can take a more pragmatic, hard-headed view of crises like the present one, Braw said. "Throughout its history NATO has had to put up with a lot of unattractive behaviour by its different member states and has still remained this successful military alliance," she said.

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Elisabeth Braw

Whilst at RUSI, Elisabeth Braw directed RUSI's Modern Deterrence project, which focuses on how governments, business and civil society... read more