Morocco arrests ten female Isil suicide bombers who 'planned to strike on election day'

As featured in Daily Telegraph



Raffaello Pantucci, a security expert at the Royal Institute Services Institute, said Morocco was becoming increasingly aggressive in its bid to tackle so-called "homegrown" jihadism. “Morocco has been very effective in preventing attacks,” he told the Telegraph. “If you go there it still feels like a safe country, there is little sense that something is bubbling under the surface. “That is because they have been very aggressive in pursuing and arresting suspects, and that is no doubt because they are aware of the number of Moroccans who have gone to fight in Syria in Iraq. “The Paris attackers, as we know, were Moroccan-French, and so was Mohammed Abrini, who is Belgian-Moroccan and behind the Brussels attacks,” he added. “Even the Birmingham group who provided funding for Abrini when he went to Britain have links to Morocco.”