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The Bajwa Doctrine: The Pakistani Military Has Done More than Enough

Main Image Credit S Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis (left) meeting with Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa (right) at Pakistan Army Headquarters in Rawalpindi Pakistan on 4 December 2017. Courtesy of Amber I. Smith/Zuma Press/PA Images

In their own words, Pakistan’s generals lay-out the ‘Bajwa Doctrine’ – their vision for the future of US–Pakistani military cooperation in the age of President Trump. From their perspecitve, Pakistan has done more than enough to secure neighbouring Afghanistan, and is not intimidated by the threat of US funding cuts.

US President Donald Trump began 2018 with a bang in the shape of a tweet, which lashed out at Pakistan for being an unreliable ally that has ‘given the United States nothing but lies and deceit’. The allegations come has no surprise; this has been a common theme in Washington for the last decade, namely Pakistani duplicity in the War on Terror. However, since the Trump administration took office it is making good on the sticks that the Obama administration had threatened bu

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