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Avoiding the Reign of Artificial Stupidity

Main Image Credit The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia’s Central Command Center, Mecca. Licence: Wikimedia Commons.

Artificial intelligence in war may be a good servant, but it is likely to prove a terrible master, for while the character of stupidity may evolve, its nature remains immutable.

Almost 3500 years ago, Pharaoh Thutmose III of Egypt was seeking to defeat a rebellion emanating from the fortress of Megiddo. There were three viable approaches to the fortress: two long but safe routes, and one perilous traverse of a ravine. The latter was shorter, but if the enemy caught Thutmose’s army moving through it, he would face catastrophic defeat. Thutmose was advised to take one of the long routes. He chose the ravine, and in doing so surprised his enemy, who had

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