A Guide To Deradicalisation and Disengagement Programming

Published by CREST Research


This report focuses on interventions designed to promote and facilitate exits from ideologically justified violence – often referred to as ‘tertiary’ interventions. The beneficiaries of these programmes include individuals convicted of terrorism charges, as well as those who voluntarily disengaged. Relying on the authors’ Attitudes-Behaviours Corrective (ABC) Model of Violent Extremism (Khalil et al., 2022), and drawing from their extensive professional experiences of providing technical support to such interventions, this report presents a novel framework to help practitioners develop and implement these programmes.

This is an independent report that was not directly funded by CREST. Its findings are relevant to the Countering Violent Extremism: Methods, Processes and Outcomes project.

Report by: James Khalil, Martine Zeuthen and Sarah Marsden

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