RUSI Missile Defence Conference Report 2022

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THAAD launchers stand ready at US Naval Support Facility Deveselu in Romania. Courtesy of NATO

A report on the 23rd RUSI Missile Defence Conference, held on 23 and 24 February 2022.

On 23 and 24 February 2022, RUSI held its 23rd Missile Defence Conference. Participants considered how integrated deterrence against long-range precision strike might be delivered at a NATO level. Discussions were framed around the Russian long-range precision strike threat, which has supplanted other threat vectors as NATO’s pacing challenge. Over the course of the conference, several key themes emerged:

  • The air and missile threat environment is becoming more complex as the discrete categories that guided defenders are becoming increasingly blurred by new capabilities.
  • To meet this, NATO integrated air and missile defence (IAMD) will need to be nested within a multidomain concept of operations which similarly blurs previously well-defined barriers within NATO systems.
  • This approach will need to embrace strike, active defence and resilience in a synergistic way.
  • This in turn will require both technical adaptations – in particular, leveraging domains such as space – but also vital organisational adaptations to create structures capable of supporting multidomain approaches to IAMD.

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