Protecting nations

As public services continue to move online, how can security can be improved?

By Garry Hindle,  Head of Security and Counterterrorism, RUSI 


Governments are increasingly dependent upon cyberspace for the delivery of public services and national defence. As a result, a cyber attack can have far-reaching consequences for both military and civilian interests. For example, in the UK, the programme of Transformational Government is moving public services into cyberspace. An emphasis on data sharing and increasing efficiencies in managing and storing public data brings great benefits to the delivery of services.

However, this systematising and consolidating of information also enhances the vulnerability of public data and systems to attack. Sophisticated criminal saboteurs are likely to target these systems if they are seen as quick routes to sensitive personal data. They are also likely to be a key target for terrorist groups and hostile states.

This article first appeared in the Ethos Journal. The full article can be accessed here.


Garry Hindle

Head, Security and Counterterrorism

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