Unpacking the MENA Programme

This programme assesses current and emerging security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), bringing together policymakers and experts from the region and beyond.

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The work in this programme focuses on four strands:

‘Inside the MENA’ tracks how domestic developments including political, social and economic aspects are shaping military and wider security dynamics.

‘Geopolitics of the MENA’ monitors the sources of instability and conflict flashpoints and offers assessments of emerging tensions and shifting alliances in the region.

‘Emerging Security Threats’ focuses on key violent non-state actors as well as the new technologies reshaping proxy competition in the region.

‘Drivers and Outcomes of Conflict’ identifies policies and strategies to improve governance and stability within the region, and the role local and international actors can play in mitigating the risk of new conflicts.

Main Image Credit Unpacking the MENA Programme

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