Shifting Security in Latin America Programme

We examine the fast-evolving security and defence agenda in Latin America and consider the most effective ways to counter the leading threats across the region.

The Shifting Security in Latin America Programme is dedicated to identifying the leading challenges to sustainable peace, as the region is confronted by a range of domestic and international security threats.

Our policy-driven research, training and outreach focuses on contemporary and future security and defence agendas, including the effects of great power competition in the Americas, cross-border security and criminal governance, and the policymaking endeavours behind strategic thinking in the military and intelligence domains.

We seek to offer policy solutions to the shifts in international security and global re-ordering by looking at Latin America’s relationships with the UK, the US and other like-minded partners in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The programme also sheds light on the impact of Russia, Iran and China on the region’s security and defence, and examines how policymakers can develop solutions to increasing competition in human and technological capabilities in theatres of strategic insecurity.

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Conference sessions

Watch the session recordings from the 2023 Latin American Security Conference 2023.

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address of the RUSI Latin American Securit...

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Session One: Latin America and Great Power Competition

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Session Two: Transnational Organised Crime

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Session Three: Security and the Rule of Law in Latin America

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Session Four: Security Across Military & Intelligence Domains Unlisted

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Session Five & Closing Remarks: Reflections and Future Trends

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