Dr Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho

Associate Fellow; Reader in Brazilian and Latin American Studies, KCL


Dr Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho is Reader in Brazilian and Latin American Studies at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London (KCL). He received his PhD from the University of Passau, Germany and a Doctor Honoris Causa from the Command and Staff College of the Brazilian Army. At KCL, he has been the director of the Brazil Institute (2020-22), the Vice-Dean International of the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy (2021-2023), and currently is the director of the MA Strategic Communications.

Prior to KCL, Dr Carvalho was Associate Professor for Brazilian Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark. He is the founder of Brasiliana – Journal for Brazilian Studies and the Editor of the Anthem Brazilian Studies Series.

In 2022, Dr Carvalho created the Observatory of Democracy in Latin America (KODLA). He is also an Associate Researcher at the Centre for Strategic Studies of the Brazilian Navy. Parallel to his academic career, he is a music conductor and currently directs the King’s Brazil Ensemble.

In the fields of defence and security, Dr Carvalho specialises in Latin American and Brazilian armed forces, with reference to historical and contemporary issues. In his research and teaching, he covers aspects such as civil-military relations; the role of the armed forces in police tasks; strategic communications; maritime and naval strategy; United Nations peace operations; strategic thinking from a Latin American perspective and the relationship between the arts, music, and conflict. Currently, he leads the research project ‘Military in Politics in Brazil’. In 2023, he edited a special issue of the Journal Conflict, Security and Development on ‘The Development, Security and Defence Nexus in Brazil’.

Dr Carvalho is Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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