Extremism and Gaming

Our research investigates the exploitation of online gaming by violent extremists.

Dzmitry Andreyeu / Alamy Stock Photo | Online gaming

Closely connected to the discussion on social media, there is growing concern and interest in the role of online gaming in violent extremism and terrorism. Violent extremist organisations are actively exploiting online gaming across the world. However, research into gaming and radicalisation is sparse and outdated.

RUSI's research into this area reviews the evidence around the particular socialisation processes that happen within gaming culture and the role these processes play in the radicalisation of gamers. Additionally, the practical ways in which gaming environments can be utilised for communications, as well as potentially flows of illicit finance to fund extremism and terrorism, is also explored.

Dzmitry Andreyeu / Alamy Stock Photo | Online gaming


RUSI has initiated its research in this space by co-founding the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). This network brings together world-leading counter-extremism organisations to develop insights and solutions for the exploitation of online gaming by violent extremists.

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Examining Radicalisation Through Socialisation in Online Gaming Spaces

This project investigates the community formation that occurs alongside gameplay and considers whether it has the potential to provide a socialising environment that is conducive to radicalisation to violent extremism.

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