Cyber Capacity Building

Examining international cyber capacity building programmes, including their value and impact.

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Cyber capacity building (CCB) is increasingly important to share knowledge and build expertise in cyber: countries with advanced cyber capabilities are taking a global approach to cyber resilience, appreciating that greater international cyber security is widely beneficial. Multilateral organisations have similarly engaged with CCB, with the Global Forum for Cyber Expertise acting as a coordinating body.

RUSI’s research on CCB has examined programme design, including through scoping and devising projects; evaluation of ongoing international activities; proposals to improve coordination; particular national contexts including Indonesia, Kenya and India; and various themes across law enforcement capabilities, cyber awareness, critical national infrastructure, cyber diplomacy and training.

We are currently exploring further CCB-related research projects and plan to increase our engagement on initiatives across Africa and the Indo-Pacific.

Denis Rozhnovsky / Alamy Stock Photo

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