Recording: What Goes on in a Think Tank?

Delve into the world of think tanks together with our researchers, to learn more about what we do and how they got to where they are now.

Watch the event recording

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Think tanks are at the core of policy development, aiding governmental, public sector, and civic stakeholders in their decision-making. They also work to encourage public debate on specific policy issues. How do they do this, and why are they important?

Chaired by Liam O’Shea, Senior Research Fellow, Organised Crime and Policing



Maria Nizzero

Research Fellow

Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies

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Hugh Oberlander

Programme Manager, Cyber


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Genevieve Kotarska

Research Analyst

Organised Crime and Policing

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Dr Liam O’Shea

Senior Research Fellow

Organised Crime and Policing

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