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Iraq War - Ten Years On

Commentary, 22 March 2013
Middle East and North Africa
We mark the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War by asking our analysts to offer their perspectives, and highlighting key material from our archives

Saddam statue topplesWe mark the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War by asking our analysts to offer their perspectives, and highlighting key material from our archives.


VIDEO: Assessing the Iraq War and its Aftermath
Analysis from Professor Michael Clarke, Director General RUSI and Dr Jonathan Eyal, Senior Research Fellow, International Security Studies.

Iraq Ten Years On - a Troubled Past and Unpredictable Future
By Mina al-Oraibi

A Year of Endemic Instability in Iraq
By Professor Gareth Stansfield

Iran and the Iraq War of 2003: the Real Victor?
By Professor Ali Ansari

Blair was 'optimistic not criminal'
By Professor Michael Clarke

Assessing Britain's Legacy: The UK Withdrawal from Iraq

From our archives: Intervention and Counter-insurgency

Iraq 2007 - Moving Beyond Counter-Insurgency Doctrine: A First Hand Perspective
By Emma Sky, former Political and Special Advisor to Commanding Generals of US Forces in Iraq

Shock and Awe Revisited
By Harlan Ullman

Iraqnophobia: The Dangers of Forgetting Operation Telic

Frontline Perspectives: The 4 RIFLES Battle Group Operations in Basra, Summer 2007 (audio)

Iraq and its Borders: the Role of Barriers in Counter-Insurgency

Britain's Vietnam? Learning the Lessons of Operation Telic

Security in Iraq, A Diplomat's Perspective
By Sir Jeremy Greenstock

IEDs and Military Fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan

Occupation for Hire: Private Military Companies and their Role in Iraq

From our archives: Surge and Exit

The US Military After Iraq: A Speculation

The Charge of the Knights: The British in Basra, 2008 

The US 'Surge' as a Collaborative Corrective for Iraq

Peace Operations and Exit

Conflict Termination in Iraq

Reforming Iraq's Security Sector

From our archives: Going into War, the Intelligence and the Aftermath

Between Peace and War: Iraq in Perspective
By Douglas Hurd, former Foreign Secretary

International Law and the Use of Force: Attacking Iraq

War Powers: A Big Debate but only Partial Answers

Pre-War Intelligence and Iraqs WMD Threat - Intelligence Blundering or Intelligence Laundering?

Intelligence and the Iraqi Threat: British Joint Intelligence after Butler

Fallout from the War in Iraq: Domestic Echoes in Foreign Policy?

Imperial Overstretch, from Dr Arnold to Mr Blair

 From our archives: Arts and Culture

 Photo Essay: Portrait of A Company

REVIEW: Control Room

Film review: Jarhead

Theatre Review: Black Watch

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