Episode 20: Threat based planning: an optimal framework for optimising against adversaries?

In this Adversarial Studies seminar, William F Owen discusses whether threat-based planning, and the approach to force design that it entails, really is the best way to adapt to a competitive environment.

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The shift from capability-based planning to a threat-based approach is regarded as a vital adaptation to the exigencies of great power competition. However, this may be based on assumptions that deserve further scrutiny.

William F Owen is the Editor of Military Strategy Magazine (formerly Infinity Journal). He served in both regular and reserve units of the British Army between 1980 and 1993 before going on to work in publishing, writing and security advisory work in West Africa and the Middle East. He has also worked extensively on doctrine, concepts, equipment capability and command.

The seminar is chaired by Dr Sidharth Kaushal, Research Fellow, Sea Power, RUSI Military Sciences.

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Dr Sidharth Kaushal

Research Fellow, Sea Power

Military Sciences

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