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China’s Sanctions Against European Academics and Institutions

News, 25 March 2021
RUSI Joins Statement by European Research Institute Directors.

On Monday, 22 March 2021, the Chinese Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on ten individuals and four institutions in Europe in retaliation at EU sanctions.

The original EU sanctions were aimed at Chinese government officials accused of being involved in human rights abuses in Xinjiang. However, the Chinese retaliatory sanctions covered not just European officials, but academics and institutions which have a central role in undertaking research in Europe on China. 

RUSI’s Director General Karin von Hippel has joined the heads of many European research establishments in expressing deep concern at the targeting of independent researchers and civil society organisations, an act which not only undermines practical and constructive engagement, but also damages well-informed analysis.

RUSI is determined to stand by our colleagues who have been targeted this way.

A full text of the Statement, accompanied by the list of signatories, is available here:

RUSI coverage of China is available here.

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