RUSI Events Terms and Conditions

Information on the terms and conditions of registering and attending events held by RUSI.

RUSI organises conferences, members' events, workshops and public lectures. Guest speakers in recent years have included President George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, NATO's Secretary General and the Director-General of the Security Service. 

Members events are specifically for RUSI members, but a number of our other events are open to a wider audience. 

Terms and Conditions


Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Cancellation of the registration 10 working days or more prior to the event date is subject to a £100 administrative fee. There will be no refund for cancellations received after this time. For a cancellation to be acknowledged, you must provide cancellation details in writing, and have received written confirmation in return. 

Substitutions and Programme Changes

Substitutions may be made at any time. RUSI reserves the right to refuse admission. 

It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the control of the organiser, to change programme content, speakers and/or timings. RUSI is not liable for any changes.  

Registration Details

Details provided at the time of registration (title, name, job title and organisation) will be printed on delegate lists and delegate badges where applicable, unless otherwise requested by the registrant. Electronic copies of these delegate lists may be shared with event participants at their request. 


Speakers alone are responsible for the contents of their respective papers. It is the policy of the Institute to give the fullest freedom to contributors/speakers to express their opinions.  Only by doing so can the Institute carry out the terms of its charter. The opinions expressed by RUSI staff and RUSI Fellows do not necessarily represent the views of the Institute. 

RUSI Rule 

RUSI's conferences, lectures and other events benefit not only from the presentation of the speakers but also from the subsequent discussion. Most RUSI events are subject to the 'RUSI Rule' unless otherwise stated.  

The RUSI Rule means that: 

  • All speeches and prepared remarks are ‘on the record’ and are attributable to the individual and the event organised by the Royal United Services Institute. 

  • All comments made in response to questions (i.e., the non‐prepared remarks) are neither attributable to the individual, nor to the event. 

  • Those wishing to quote any remark that is un-attributable by these rules, should seek the permission of the speaker of those specific remarks.