Recording: RUSI Latin American Security Conference 2024

UK Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey MP, opened the 2nd annual LAS conference in 2024. This conference brought together policymakers, leading experts, and other stakeholders to examine models of collaboration and consider ways to achieve sustainable peace in the region.

Escalating contemporary threats such as transnational organised crime, drug trafficking, political instability, and attacks on infrastructure and critical networks make regional collaboration ever more important. Latin America is also currently grappling with criminal justice crises, environmental degradation and political instability, as well as increasing geopolitical tensions that risk weakening regional cohesion. Faced with these challenges, it is essential to develop coordinated strategies, share intelligence and pool resources in order to enhance collective security and stability.

View the sessions from the conference as knowledge, best practices, and actionable recommendations are shared that can shape policies and initiatives aimed at building resilience, fostering cooperation and ensuring a prosperous and secure future for Latin America.

Session 1: Keynote with the Rt Hon James Heappey MP

UK Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey MP, opens the second annual LAS conference.

Session 2: Identifying Geopolitical Dynamics and Fostering Collective Action

How do historical, economic and cultural factors shape the intricate web of geopolitical interests and alliances in Latin America.

Session 3: Forging Ties and Improving Defence Cooperation Mechanisms

How can countries in different regions effectively come together to establish multilateral defence alliances.

Session 4: How Does the Conflict in Ukraine Resonate Within the Geopolitical

RUSI Latin America Security Conference 2024 Afternoon Plenary Discussion with Ruslan Spirin, Ukraine Special Representative for Latin America and Keynote Chair.

Session 5: Strengthening Relations Via Diplomacy, Law and Other Peer Relations

How can diplomatic initiatives such as cultural exchange programmes, trade agreements and people-to-people diplomacy contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation.

Session 6: Resilience and Risk Management: Securing Natural Resources and Critical Infrastructure

What innovative approaches and technologies can be employed to integrate climate-smart design, resilient infrastructure development and responsible critical mineral management, facilitating a forward-looking approach to regional sustainability.

2024 Closing Plenary Discussion: RUSI Latin American Conference

How does the nexus between democracy and security unfold in Latin America? What are the prospects for democracy fighters in the region in the face on political violence and autocratic regimes?


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