Recording: The Lazarus Heist – From Hollywood to High Finance: Inside North Korea's Global Cyber War

The story of how North Korea has harnessed cutting-edge technology to pursue a highly effective campaign of cyber-raids to fund its economy.

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RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) is delighted to welcome you to a discussion with author Geoff White about his latest book, The Lazarus Heist, which examines how the North Korean regime has harnessed cutting-edge technology to launch a decade-long campaign of brazen and merciless cyber-raids on its richer, more powerful adversaries.

The Lazarus Heist takes a detailed look at how a North Korean cybercriminal group is accused of being one of the most dangerous criminal enterprises on the planet, having stolen more than $1 billion in an international online crime spree. Despite denials by the North Korean government, evidence connects Lazarus to exploitation of central banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, Hollywood film studios, and even the UK’s National Health Service. The book describes the ways in which the hackers have exploited cutting-edge technology to launch a decade-long campaign of cyber-raids, raising revenue and threatening democracies.

About the speaker

Geoff White is an investigative journalist who has covered money laundering and the emergence of cybercrime while working for the BBC, Audible, Penguin, Sky News, and The Sunday Times. Geoff is the co-creator and co-presenter of the BBC podcast The Lazarus Heist.

Geoff is joined for a discussion about his new book by Tom Keatinge, Director, CFCS, and Allison Owen, CFCS Research Analyst.


Tom Keatinge

Director, CFS

Centre for Finance and Security

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Allison Owen

Associate Fellow - Expert in cryptocurrency and counter-proliferation finance

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