Recording: The ‘Exoskeleton’ Force: The Royal Navy in the Indo-Pacific Tilt Paper Launch

Dr Sidharth Kaushal, Professor John Louth, Andrew Young and Dr Kevin Rowlands discuss the findings of research conducted by RUSI with the support of the Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre on how the Royal Navy can help deliver the objectives of UK national strategy in the Indo-Pacific.

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As the Royal Navy prepares to support the UK tilt to the Indo-Pacific, a key question will be how it delivers effects in an increasingly contested region with initially limited mass. Our latest research paper outlines how an approach to partnered activity that would see the Royal Navy act as an ‘exoskeleton’ force can align the UK’s capabilities in the Indo-Pacific with national policy objectives.


  • Dr Sidharth Kaushal is the Research Fellow for Sea Power in the Military Sciences team at RUSI.
  • Professor John Louth is an author, researcher and business leader working in the spaces where government, politics, the military, commerce, the third sector and the general public intersect. Between 2011 and 2019, John was the director of the Defence, Industries and Society research programme at RUSI.
  • Andrew Young served until recently as the Military Sciences Community Manager at RUSI. Prior to this, Andrew was a Royal Navy Training Management Officer specialising in Professional Military Education. Discussant: Dr Kevin Rowlands is the Head of the Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre. He has been the Secretary to the Chiefs of Staff Committee and other senior Ministry of Defence boards and committees, and was the Course Director for the UK’s Advanced Command and Staff Course.
The Exoskeleton Force: The Royal Navy in the Indo-Pacific Tilt


Dr Sidharth Kaushal

Research Fellow, Sea Power

Military Sciences

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