Recording: Evaluating Colombia’s Total Peace Strategy

In this webinar hosted by the Shifting Latin American Security Programme at RUSI, we discuss the pressing challenges faced by the administration of Colombian President Gustavo Petro as he seeks to bring peace and reconciliation to the country.

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Colombia’s Total Peace policy to manage armed and criminal groups’ violence has proven challenging to implement given an array of complex factors that need consideration, including armed dissident parties, drug trafficking, militarisation and domestic politics.

The discussion will consider the historic factors that shed light on Colombia’s path from violence to peace, whether President Petro can bring success to the strategy and promote ceasefire and dialogue in the short term, and analyse if the country’s political and social elites can meet the expectations and fulfil the Peace Accords.

The webinar will be joined by first-hand specialists on Colombia’s conflict and security governance:

  • Renata Segura is Deputy Program Director for Latin America and Caribbean at the International Crisis Group.
  • Oscar Palma, Associate Professor of International Relations at Universidad del Rosario in Bogota.
  • Juan Pablo Toro, Executive Director of AthenaLab and former Associated Press correspondent in Colombia.

The event will be chaired by Dr Carlos Solar, Senior Research Fellow in Latin American Security at RUSI.

Shifting Security in Latin America Programme

We examine the fast-evolving security and defence agenda in Latin America and consider the most effective ways to counter the leading threats across the region.

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Dr Carlos Solar

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