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Speaker and contributor at the AI for Good Global Summit 2018. Courtesy of ITU Pictures/Flickr

What is the State of Artificial Intelligence Governance Globally?

James Butcher and Irakli Beridze
RUSI Journal, 29 November 2019
Law and Ethics, Technology
Multiple initiatives across the public sector, private sector, civil society and international organisations are seeking to develop regulatory frameworks for the development of AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that offers both great benefits and poses a number of challenges. Effective governance is important to ensure that the ethical concerns are met. James Butcher and Irakli Beridze provide an overview of current AI governance activities, covering notable examples across the private sector, public sector, research and multi-stakeholder organisations, and the UN. They take a deeper look at regulation, then reflect on the future of AI governance, touching on some frameworks that may offer guidance for the beneficial development of AI technologies while mitigating the risks.

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