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British and US troops train together during Exercise Shamal Storm

The Missing Political Dimension of Military Exercises

Beatrice Heuser and Harold Simpson
RUSI Journal, 20 July 2017
Armed Forces, UK, Defence Policy, UK Defence, Europe
The political context is an important part of effective military exercises.

Military exercises are rarely straightforward in either intention or outcome. Official policy and governance about exercises have not kept up with the complexity of the current national and international contexts. In addition to collective training, exercises are now used for a wide variety of purposes, such as fostering alliance cohesion and defence diplomacy. In this article, Beatrice Heuser and Harold Simpson argue that the diverse effects and outcomes of exercises merit further investigation, and future guidance for British practitioners will reflect this.

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Beatrice Heuser
Senior Associate Fellow

Beatrice Heuser holds the Chair in International Relations at the University of Glasgow.  She has degrees from the Universities of... read more

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