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The Future of Crime Reporting: Can Anonymity be Delivered in the Digital Age?

Jennifer Cole and Alexandra Stickings
RUSI Journal, 3 April 2017
Cyber, Policing and Security, UK, Technology, Europe
The practices used by Crimestoppers UK highlight how the identity of individuals might be protected.

Digital communication leaves traces that can lead back to the person who initiated the communication or their location at the time. Jennifer Cole and Alexandra Stickings explore the challenges this brings for platforms that claim to offer anonymous crime reporting, and ask what can be done to assure members of the public that their identity can still be protected.

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Jennifer Cole
Associate Fellow

Dr Jennifer Cole is an Associate Fellow at RUSI. She was previously Senior Research Fellow, Resilience and Emergency Management from... read more

Alexandra Stickings
Research Fellow, Space Policy and Security
Alexandra Stickings is Research Fellow for Space Policy and Security within the Military Sciences team at RUSI.... read more

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