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Eye in the Sky: A Review

Ewan Lawson
RUSI Journal, 22 June 2016
Art, Culture and Literature
Ewan Lawson reviews Eye in the Sky

Sometimes when watching films with a military theme it is easy to get distracted by what might be called the ‘beret test’: whether a film has inaccurately used a badge, uniform or, most galling, a beret. In Eye in the Sky, there are no such distractions. Not just because the film-makers paid great attention to detail, but mostly because of the gripping plot of this very sophisticated thriller. Whilst the publicity for the film gives the impression that the focus is on drone strikes, the plot actually centres on the complexities of political-military decision-making in contemporary warfare – admittedly not something that would get many people through the door as a tagline. Intelligent, convincing and compelling, Eye in the Sky is not just high-quality entertainment; it also throws a thoughtprovoking spotlight on the nature of contemporary conflict.

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Ewan Lawson
Senior Research Fellow

Ewan Lawson is Senior Research Fellow for Military Influence at the Royal United Services Institute.

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