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Candidates take part during the final of the Cyber Security Challenge aboard HMS Belfast in London, March 2015

Britain’s Emerging Cyber-Strategy

David J Lonsdale
RUSI Journal, 29 September 2016
Cyber, UK, Defence Policy, Technology
The UK needs a comprehensive framework for its cyber-operations which addresses both its defensive and offensive components.

In recent years, cyber-power has attracted a great deal of attention in government strategy and security reviews. This has been matched by regular increases in budget and the establishment of new organisations to co-ordinate UK activity in cyberspace. The result is the emergence of UK cyber-strategy. However, David J Lonsdale argues that at present UK cyber-strategy is not comprehensive, nor does it cohesively bring together the different elements of cyber-power to effectively serve UK policy objectives. Here, he identifies the components of the UK’s emerging cyber-strategy and assesses the UK’s approach against a comprehensive cyber-strategy framework. The latter includes seven elements: defence; cyber-espionage; information manipulation; widespread disruptive attacks; raids; joint operations; and deterrence.

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