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Prosthetic Limbs: No Longer a Discriminatory Factor for Service?

Gareth Anderson
RUSI Defence Systems, 2 August 2017
Military Sciences, Military Personnel, Technology
Advances in bionic prosthesis technology may enable civilians with loss-of-limb related injuries or hereditary disorders to serve in the military because they are likely to be capable of meeting or exceeding physical requirements

Loss-of-limb injuries are an unfortunate reality of war. Historically, the prospects for amputee service members were not good. However, in recent times, significant developments in prosthetic technology have enabled those who have lost limbs to rejoin the workforce and contribute again in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

While there are many disability related wounds that could be examined, this article will focus on prosthetics for the lower body for full-leg replacement or prosthesis for the knee down, on the scope of technology currently available, and on what technological developments in the field could mean for military recruitment.

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