Tessa Winchester

Senior Researcher and Editor, insight6

Military Sciences Rising Stars Mentee

Tessa Winchester is a senior researcher and editor for insight6, the UK’s leading Customer Experience consultancy.

Tessa has gained experience as a Policy Support Intern at the United Kingdom’s Mission to the United Nations. Working in the Communications department and in the Humanitarian, Peacebuilding and Development department, she gained insight into how a global organisation works and the role individual Member-States play within this. She also deepened her understanding of diplomacy and global affairs. Tessa also interned at Huw Merriman’s MP office, where she developed her understanding of British politics first-hand.

Tessa recently graduated from the University of Bath with a 2.1 in BSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations. In her final year, she wrote a 16,000-word dissertation evaluating the effectiveness of the US-led military campaign in countering the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Her research interests are counter-terrorism strategy, military operations, and international relations.

Military Sciences Rising Stars

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