Dr Rob Whittleston

UK PONI Advisory Board Member


As Director for International Engagement, Security and Non-Proliferation at the UK National Nuclear Laboratory, Rob is responsible for establishing and developing the NNL’s position as a world leading national institution, and for ensuring the UK’s national laboratory for fission can play its vital role enabling the peaceful use of nuclear materials and technology. Originally trained as earth system scientist, Rob is passionate about the role nuclear technology has to play in protecting our society and planet.

Rob was previously Vice President at NNL, where he led the team responsible for gathering intelligence into global nuclear and related sector trends in policy, science & technology, and markets, providing the strategic insight required to set the future direction of the laboratory. In 2020 Rob established NNL as the UK’s first formal Collaborating Centre with the International Atomic Energy Agency

Rob has held a variety of internationally facing roles spanning the nuclear fuel cycle, including at Hitachi supporting UK nuclear new build and Fukushima decommissioning programmes. Rob started his career at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Radioactive Waste Management Directorate, commissioning and managing research required to underpin the UK’s geological disposal programme. He has previously worked in central government, leading policy development in the rail sector.