Elizabeth Quintana

Associate Fellow - Specialist in Futures and Technology


Elizabeth is a RUSI Associate Fellow specialising in Futures and Technology. Her research considers the doctrinal, strategic and ethical implications of emerging technologies and how they will impact on defence and security and indeed wider society. She has a particular interest in the emergence of Space as a Domain and ‘New Space’ actors; in the use of unmanned technology and robotics; 3D and 4D printing and in the use of artificial intelligence and analytics. These interests feed into broader research themes of: governance and security in an age of social media; the social and security implications of truly global interconnectivity and work, stability & security in volatile world. She is responsible for conducting research, writing articles and organising events related to these topics.

Elizabeth has held a variety of posts while at RUSI most latterly running the Military Sciences team. Prior to that she was Senior Research Fellow for Air Power & Technology, Programme Head, Acquisition and Programme Head C4ISR.  Elizabeth retains a strong interest in international defence matters and how trends in the security sector intersect with or affect broader social trends.  

Before joining RUSI, Elizabeth worked for two years running technical conferences for the international defence community. In 2001 she took a graduate assistant position at the University of Texas A&M where she worked for two years on a DARPA project investigating collaborative robotics.

Elizabeth holds an MEng in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas A&M.

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