Rageh Omaar



Rageh Omaar is ITV's International Affairs Editor and presenter of its flagship News at Ten programme.  He is also the presenter of ITV's global current affairs programme On Assignment.

He was previously Senior Foreign Correspondent for the BBC as well as Africa Correspondent. Based in the Middle East he covered the second Gulf War from Baghdad and was the only western journalist inside Taliban held Kabul as it fell in 2001. He has also been BBC Africa Correspondent and present for Al Jazeera English. He has won numerous international awards for his reporting, including a Peabody Award for his dispatches from Darfur Province, Sudan, a BAFTA for coverage of Afghanistan and Royal Television Socity award and the Prix Bayeaux International Award for his dispatches from the 1999 Ethiopia-Eritrea war.

He has written two books published by Penguin, on the 2003 Iraq Invasion and growing up as a British Muslim. He is a Trustee of the British Council and was educated at New College, Oxford University.