Mark Nuttall

SHOC Network Member - Practitioner


Mr Nuttall has over 20 years’ experience as a Risk Management and Security Specialist, with a background in security, law enforcement, geopolitics, International Organisations, financial institutions, project management and bespoke risk consultancy. His work has taken him on the ground in the UK, Caribbean, Europe, MENA, ASEAN, and APAC. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and the Institute of Paralegals. His extensive practitioner and leadership experience spans across the corporate and government sector.

Mr Nuttall is well versed in the specialist areas of counter-fraud, AML, tax churn, financial misuse, legitimate and illegitimate commodity chains (Including corporate policies and testing frameworks), organised crime and murder investigations, and technology use and partnerships. This is alongside niche areas such as environmental governance and climate risk mitigation, corporate intelligence, internal investigations, due diligence, asset identification and protection, contract and donor negotiation, and strategic risk management.

He has participated in many keynote speaking events (Both online and in person), organised international geopolitical events, contributed to white papers, has been the recipient of many official awards and medals, and has a key skill as a negotiator, advisor, and facilitator at the geopolitical level.

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