Attila Nagy

SHOC Network Member - Researcher


Attila is a Law lecturer and independent researcher focusing on Law subjects, working for many years as a lecturer at the International Business College Mitrovica in Kosovo.

He teaches Business Law, Public Administration and EU-related subjects. Since recently, he has been engaged in a field research on the most important topics related to the future of the EU. Including the refugee crisis, he is now focusing on Brexit and how the EU is going to respond to it in the future. Attila has held many guest lectures for students and professionals, and also published articles in various fields, mostly concerning law enforcement and development in the post-conflict Kosovo.

His research focuses in particular on international institutions such as OSCE, the EU Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), and the newly established Kosovo court, The Kosovo Specialist Chambers. Futhermore, he has done extensive research in the area of post-conflict development and the influence of foreign investments.

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