Sean Lundy

SHOC Network Member - Practitioner


Sean Lundy has 15 years experience in law enforcement (initially SOCA, subsequently the NCA), working predominantly on European based organised crime threats and the UK’s response. He has served most of his NCA career overseas, most recently at the UK Liaison Mission at Europol HQ in The Hague, where he led the NCA’s counter-firearms work and also served as Deputy Head of Mission and Chief of Staff.

Sean has extensive experience working with multi-lateral institutions and delivered technical level subject matter expertise to the European Union’s DG Home work in the Western Balkans and Turkey between 2009 and 2015. He went on to plan, lead and deliver significant UK funded capacity building work in the Region between 2016 and 2020.

Sean is also able to draw on military experience as a British Army officer, which has included operational experience in counter-terrorist, peace support and war fighting operations, as a commander and a  NATO military planning officer. He is currently on a sabbatical from the NCA and serving in a NATO facing defence planning role.

Sean is a fluent German speaker and can get by in Dutch and Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian. He is working towards a masters qualification in Strategic Studies, focusing on multi-lateral institutions and their utility in providing effective collective security arrangements.

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