Rhianna King

Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead, SecAlliance

Member of RUSI's State Threats Taskforce

Rhianna is a seasoned analyst from a conventional military intelligence background. She is now the Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead at SecAlliance, a London-based cybersecurity consultancy, where she is responsible for tracking threat actors' activity, monitoring geopolitical events and horizon scanning.

Rhianna has presented talks at both the Hague Threat Intelligence Exchange and CRESTCon conferences, is the captain of a charity Capture the Flag team and is a member of both RUSI and Chatham House.

RUSI State Threats Taskforce (STT)

RUSI’s State Threats Taskforce (STT) aims to support the UK and its partners in detecting, understanding, attributing and responding to the spectrum of complex state threats currently facing democracies.