Samuel Jardine

Research Director, London Politica

Military Sciences Rising Stars Mentee

Samuel Jardine is a Research Director at London Politica and a Fellow of the Arctic Institute, Ecological Institute and MiH-RCN's Spring College 2021 Geopolitics Intensive Program.

He currently works in the political risk and geopolitics space where he has provided political, security, and policy analysis and intelligence for government, military, NGO, and private sector clients. He sits on the Board of Reviewers for the Global Affairs Review and is also Lead Editor for London Politica’s Spotlights. Previously Samuel was a Public Historian who founded and ran his own historical talks company.

Samuel holds an MA in Modern History from King’s College London and a BA(Hons) History from The Open University. His research concentrates on the geopolitics and security of the Polar regions, Space, and Indo-Pacific with a particular focus on grand strategy, climate conflict, and grey zone warfare. He is an advocate for the utility of an Applied History approach to these subjects.

He has a growing list of publications and public engagement that can be found on his website and can be reached there, or through his LinkedIn page.

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