Professor Theo Farrell

Professor of War in the Modern World and Head of War Studies, KCL


Theo Farrell is professor of War in the Modern World and head of the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. He is president of the British International Studies Association and Associate Fellow of RUSI.

Professor Farrell’s recent research has focused on the war in Afghanistan. He has advised the UK Government and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) command on the counter-insurgency campaign in Afghanistan. He served on strategic assessment teams for two commanders of ISAF (General McChrystal in 2010 and General Dunford in 2013), and undertook the first command assessment for the commander of ISAF Joint Command in 2010.

Professor Farrell has authored or edited ten books, and over forty-five research papers on military affairs and security studies. His latest books are (as co-editor) Military Adaptation in Afghanistan (Stanford University Press 2013), and (as co-author) Transforming Military Power Since the Cold War (Cambridge University Press 2013).

His current projects are a history of Britain’s war in Afghanistan, 2001-14 (to be published by Bodley Head/Random House), and a history of the Taliban’s war in Afghanistan (funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council).

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