Professor Peter P Edwards FRS

Professor Peter P Edwards FRS ML held the Statutory Chair of Inorganic Chemistry at Oxford and was the Co-Founder of the KACST-Oxford Centre of Excellence in Petrochemicals, also at Oxford. He has previously held positions at Birmingham (Professor of Chemistry and of Materials), Cambridge (Lecturer in Chemistry and Director of Studies in Chemistry, Jesus College) and Cornell (British Fulbright Scholar and National Science Foundation Fellow). He was Founder of the UK’s first Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium (UKSHEC). He has been Chair of the European Research Council Advanced Investigators Award Panel on Chemical Synthesis and Advanced Materials. Edwards is Fellow of the Royal Society; Member, German Academy of Sciences, International Honorary Member of the US Academy of Arts and Sciences; International Member of the American Philosophical Society, Member of the Academia Europaea. He is also Einstein Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences His current major interests centre on the conversion of carbon dioxide to Sustainable Aviation Fuel and the catalytic deconstruction of plastics waste into clean hydrogen and high-value carbon nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes and graphene.