Dr Adam Edwards

SHOC Network Member - Researcher


Adam Edwards is Reader in Politics and Criminology in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. He directed the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s first research project on ‘Transnational Organised Crime’ (1999 – 2001), the findings of which were published as Transnational Organised Crime (Routledge, 2003, with P. Gill). Subsequently, he developed the ‘realist social relations’ approach to understanding the organisation of serious crimes (Criminology and Criminal Justice, volume 8, issue 4, 2008, with M. Levi).

His current research interests include the impact of emergent technologies, such as social media, machine learning, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacture (‘3-D printing’) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (‘Drones’) on the ‘arms race’ between organisers and preventers of serious crimes.


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