Samuel Coates

Senior Associate Fellow


Samuel Coates is an experienced international adviser and strategist, with a background in several areas of statecraft - from politics, nation-building and diplomacy, to policing, counter-extremism and conflict.

In the UK government he was Deputy Chief of Staff to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with a particular focus on spending priorities, and policy for international and home affairs departments. Prior to that he was Special Adviser to the Home Secretary, where he worked on expanding powers for countering terrorism and hostile state activity, increasing resources for policing and Serious and Organised Crime, and promoting EU and international security cooperation.

Samuel has worked as a consultant to leaders, governments and political parties across four continents. In Canada, he served as Director of Strategic Communications for the Foreign Minister where he was involved in multiple summits and campaigns, pioneered developments in digital diplomacy, and was actively engaged in evolving situations in Ukraine, Iran and Southeast Asia.

Before returning to the UK, he was based in northern Iraq (2015-2017) during the Counter-Daesh campaign. Other previous roles include Special Adviser in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and speechwriter for David Cameron, after which he deployed with the British Army as a reservist in Afghanistan.


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