Taras Borosovskyi

Head of Investigation Department and Vice-Chief Editor, 20minutes.ua, Zhytomyr

Supervising and Monitoring Ukraine's Reconstruction Funds
Brussels and London Study tour participant 12 - 26 March, 2023

Taras has 15 years of extensive experience in the field of information and communication.

He has been collaborating with European journalists in N-ost project and led an international investigation project in the EU. Since the start of the invasion, and up to January 2023, he has been the head of the project Russian Economic and Political Expansion in Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia and Volyn regions. It aims to reveal the extent of direct and indirect ownership of enterprises by Russian citizens and to assess Russian influence on local politics, social and cultural life by preparing journalistic investigations.

Supervising and Monitoring Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funds (SMURF)

SMURF aims to support the resilience and integrity of the financial system of Ukraine.