Dr Federico Borgonovo

Associate Fellow - Expert in Islamic terrorism and right-wing extremism


Dr Federico Borgonovo is a research analyst on terrorism. His academic background includes international relations, geopolitics, criminology, cybersecurity, data science and basic programming.

He specialises in digital HUMINT (Human Intelligence), OSINT/SOCMINT (Open Source and Social Media Intelligence), and SNA (Social Network Analysis), oriented on Islamic terrorism and right-wing extremism. These techniques are summarised and combined by him in the book ‘Intelligence C4’ (BTT Publishers, 2022), in the section on tools and methodologies. He focuses on monitoring terrorist networks and modelling recruitment tactics in the digital environment (from clear web to the dark and deep web), with particular attention to new communication technologies.

His operational reports, scientific publications and lectures are used for training and education purposes by companies, research centres, and law enforcement agencies.

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