Fatima Alsancak

CPF Technical Assistance Programme Research FellowCentre for Financial Crime and Security Studies


Fatima Alsancak is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI focusing on countering proliferation financing.

Prior to joining RUSI, Fatima worked at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkey, including the EU and External Relations Department, the Financial Crimes Investigation Board and finally General Directorate for Foreign Economic Relations. She has broad experience working with international stakeholders including the EU, OECD and FATF. Additionally, regarding AML/CFT issues, she has worked extensively with NPO regulator body and relevant stakeholders, conducted research and delivered training, outreach and training assistance, as well as taking part in international liaison on anti-financial crime measures.

Fatıma holds a BA in International Relations from the Political Science Faculty of the Ankara University and is currently finishing her MA in Global Political Economy at the University of Sussex with EU funded Jean Monnet Scholarship.

CPF Technical Assistance Programme

This project applies research in training key stakeholders to disrupt the illicit financial activities of proliferators such as North Korea and Iran.


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